About Us

Our Mission

Human Element exists to put a human touch into digital marketing. We stand behind mission-driven small businesses and organizations that help people by artfully telling the world their story.

We Do What Matters.

People Matter.
As digital marketers cater to search engine and social media algorithms, it’s easy to forget that we don’t create for them; we create for the people on the other end of the screen. We put people first so that our content resonates.

Missions Matter.
You aim to do something good for your customers, your family, and the community. Your mission is the center of every dollar you spend and everything you do.  That’s why everything we do for you is driven by your mission, just like everything we do is driven by ours.

Stories Matter.
The core of any brand is a compelling story. The art of telling that story, and the science of getting in front of the right audience, is not just our expertise; it’s our passion.

Communities Matter.
Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. They exist in communities. They need their communities and their communities need them. Giving them our all isn’t just a good thing to do. It’s our duty.


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